Annual General Meeting (AGM)

CLPNBC's AGM is open to CLPNBC registrants and the public at no charge.

Next AGM date: Friday, June 15, 2018

What happens at the AGM?

The AGM is an opportunity for registrants, stakeholders and the public to hear about CLPNBC business. We present information on the previous year through:

  1. Financial statements

  2. A report from the Board

  3. The Auditor’s report

Registrants may propose resolutions to the Board at an AGM. To propose a resolution please make sure:

  1. You send it to CLPNBC 60 days before the date of the AGM.

  2. The resolution complies with CLPNBC's Bylaws.

  3. The resolution is within the areas identified in the Duty and Objects of a College.

  4. The resolution is related to CLPNBC’s Mission, Vision and Values.

CLPNBC posts resolutions meeting the above criteria on their website for registrants to review. Then, these resolutions are presented at the AGM. Registrants attending the AGM vote on whether to adopt a resolution. The Board considers adopted resolutions at a future board meeting. CLPNBC includes the Board's decision about adopting these resolutions in the Board's meeting minutes.


“in good standing” means, in respect of a registrant, that:

  1. Registration is not suspended and that limitations or conditions have not been imposed on registrant’s practice.
  2. Any fees or fines are paid in full.

Click here for more information on Resolutions


Email Julie Nielsen, Governance & Registration Consultant or call 778.373.3101 (ext. 4302)
1.877.373.2201 (ext. 4302)