The Board of Directors is responsible to the government, registrants, and the public. Of these, the most important is the responsibility of ensuring that LPNs practise safely, competently, and ethically in the interest of public safety.

The government gives CLPNBC its mandate through the Health Professions Act (the “Act”). This legislation essentially says that CLPNBC is responsible for regulating LPNs so that the public receives safe and appropriate nursing care. Therefore, in the interest of public safety, CLPNBC is given certain legal responsibilities and authorities, including:

  • Registering LPNs who meet the competency requirements and Standards of Practice;
  • Setting and maintaining standards of nursing practice;
  • Approving basic nursing education programs;
  • Intervening when individual nurses behave in a way that could affect the safety of the public.

The Act and the Bylaws enable CLPNBC to engage in activities that go beyond what is required by the government, providing that these activities are consistent with the intentions of the Act.

The Bylaws provide staff, the board, and the registrants with responsibilities, accountabilities, and processes to which CLPNBC and registrants must adhere.


Download the Bylaws.