CLPNBC is required by legislation under the Health Professions Act, [RSBC 1996], (“the Act”), C. 183, Section 19 (t), to establish a registration committee, a quality assurance committee, an inquiry committee, a discipline committee, and other committees as the board determines are necessary and advisable. CLPNBC committees derive their authority from the Act. Committee roles, responsibilities, and membership are further detailed in the Bylaws, and in terms of reference established for each committee.

Committee Opportunities

To express interest in a CLPNBC committee, please complete and return the Committee Application Form to

A brief description of the purpose of each committee is included below. For any inquiries regarding board committees, please contact

Executive Committee

May exercise all the powers of the Board and perform all the duties of the Board under the Act except:

  1. the power of the Board to reprimand, suspend or remove an elected Board member under section 17.11(5) of the Act,
  2. the power of the Board to make, amend or repeal bylaws under section 19 of the Act, and
  3. the power of the Board to appoint the Registrar under section 21 of the Act.

Discipline Committee

Hears and considers cases sent by citation from the Inquiry Committee to a discipline hearing, and makes a determination based on the facts of the case.

Finance and Audit Committee

Monitors CLPNBC finances and advises the Board in financial matters.

Inquiry Committee

Conducts investigations into complaints and takes action in accordance with relevant legislation.

Quality Assurance Committee

Furthers CLPNBC’s mandate to serve and protect the public by establishing and maintaining a continuing competency/quality assurance program to promote high practice standards amongst LPNs.

Registration Committee

Reviews applications to determine whether they meet the requirements for registration with CLPNBC.

Standards of Education Committee

Oversees the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of the British Columbia Practical Nurse (PN) Education Program Recognition process. Recommendations are made by the Committee to the Board concerning programs to be recognized by CLPNBC. 

Current Opportunities:

No vacancies



Meetings are held by teleconference or in person.

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Approximately one to two hours per meeting.

To Apply

Complete the Committee Application Form and submit along with a current resume to