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— March 2018 | Vol. 5 Issue #3 —

What you need to know for Jurisprudence 2018

  • The Jurisprudence exam platform will be available between April 3, 2018 and August 29, 2018.
  • LPNs who are part of the 2018 cohort must complete an exam within 90 days (i.e., July 3, 2018) of the platform opening.
  • LPNs need to have no significant gaps on the exam to meet the Quality Assurance requirement to renew their registration
  • The first Jurisprudence exam attempt is free; additional attempts cost $75.00 each.

Conduct Case Study: Part 1

What does honesty and dishonesty look like in nursing practice? Conduct Case Studies — a six-part series highlights various kinds of dishonesty that we come across in our conduct review process. They will show you how you can recognize risks to your practice.

**Conduct case studies are fictional and are intended only to demonstrate the potential for dishonest behaviour in nursing.**


Jane has been an LPN for seven years. She works on the PATH unit of a local hospital.

About a year ago, supplies started going missing from the unit — paper towels, gloves, bandages. About a month ago, clients starting telling hospital staff they were missing money from their wallets. Last week one of the clients reported that her diamond earrings were missing.

Jane was spotted on the hospital’s security camera going into patients’ purses and the employer launched an investigation. During one of the investigation meetings, Jane admitted to stealing and gave the earrings to the manager to return to the client. The client decided not to press criminal charges. The employer submitted a complaint to CLPNBC and an investigation was initiated.

What happened to Jane?


Our last AGM & opportunity for resolutions

On Friday, June 15, 2018, CLPNBC will hold its last annual general meeting (AGM) before amalgamating with CRNBC and CRPNBC to become a combined nursing regulator. The AGM is open to CLPNBC registrants and the public at no charge; however, registration is required.

CLPNBC - Site Visitor Opportunity

CLPNBC is looking for nurses (LPN/RN/RPN) who are interested in being site visitors in the Education Program Recognition process for the Standards of Education Committee (SEC). In this role, you will be part of a team who provides systematic review of practical nursing (PN) education programs in British Columbia.

College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC
260 - 3480 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4Y1

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