Professional Conduct Review

Professional Conduct Review (PCR) is the process that CLPNBC uses to manage complaints it receives about the practice and/or conduct of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) that may:

  • affect the safety of the public
  • damage the public's trust in the profession, and/or
  • negatively impact the integrity of the profession.

Once we receive a complaint, the PCR Process begins. There are five stages in the PCR process – intake, investigation, decision, monitoring and discipline. The nature of the concerns and the assessment of the risk to the public determine how a complaint moves through these stages. Depending on the Registrar’s or Inquiry Committee’s decision about the complaint, the monitoring and discipline stages may not be necessary.

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CLPNBC is required to notify the public when the Registrar, Inquiry or Discipline Committee takes action to suspend, limit or place conditions on, an LPN’s practice. The notification must include the LPN's name, a description of the action taken and the reasons for the action taken. CLPNBC is not required to publish actions taken by consensual process if the matter is not of a serious nature. See the Public Safety Announcement or Professional Conduct Decisions webpage for our public notifications. 

CLPNBC receives complaints from:

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