Immunization Education

LPNs who provide immunizations must complete the BCCDC Online Immunization Competency Course.

BCCDC Online Immunization Competency Course

  1. Work through the course at your own pace.
  2. Complete the "Check your Understanding" section at the end of each module.
  3. Complete all modules before writing the exam.
  4. Get 100% on the exam to receive a certificate and to have access to the Competency Checklist. If you complete the exam with less than 100 %, you will only have to redo the questions you answered incorrectly.
  5. Print your certificate of completion and present it to your employer.
  6. Your employer may require you to complete the Competency Checklist with an immunization evaluator or another form of competency verification. The Competency Checklist is available after you successfully complete the BCCDC Online Immunization Competency Course.

About Immunization Evaluators

A medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse who meets his or her regulatory body's requirements may provide immunizations. Immunization evaluators may be available through your employer.

The immunization evaluator works through the Immunization Competency Checklist with you. Once you satisfactorily complete the checklist, the immunization evaluator signs it and dates it.


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