Quality Assurance

CLPNBC's Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance (QA) Program is one way CLPNBC honours the privilege of self-regulation and meets its mandate to protect the public.

The overarching goal of CLPNBC’s QA Program is to promote high practice standards among LPNs. In addition, the Program:

  • supports the continuing competence of LPNs
  • provides evidence that LPNs understand and can apply CLPNBC’s Standards of Practice
  • builds public trust that LPNs provide safe, competent and ethical care
CLPNBC’s QA program has three elements:
  1. Practice hours 
  2. Jurisprudence exam
  3. Practice feedback

Why does CLPNBC have a quality assurance program?

Our mandate is to protect the public by registering and regulating LPNs. We are authorized through the Health Professions Act to establish and maintain a quality assurance program[1] to promote high practice standards among registrants. For example: 

  • Setting continuing competence and quality assurance requirements
  • Assessing registrants’ professional performance
  • Promoting each LPN’s continuing competence through administration of the Jurisprudence exam
  • Verifying each LPN’s currency in practice by requiring LPNs to practise in an LPN role at least 1,125 hours in a five-year period
  • Setting requirements for registrants on the maintenance and retention of continuing competence and quality assurance records 
CLPNBC Bylaws Part IV.1: Quality Assurance



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