Public Safety

Public accountability is important for self-regulating professions, such as practical nursing.

As the sole regulatory body of LPNs in British Columbia, it is the duty of CLPNBC at all times:

  • to serve and protect the public; and
  • to exercise its powers and discharge its responsibility under all enactments in the public interest [Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996 c.183 s.16 (1)].

CLPNBC not only sets the standards, limits and conditions for practice and professional ethics, but it is also responsible to intervene on the public’s behalf when a registrant’s practice or behaviour is unacceptable. CLPNBC exercises this responsibility when it addresses written complaints about the conduct or practice of registrants. As such, CLPNBC has the authority to deal only with complaints concerning a registrant’s professional conduct, competency, and fitness to practise.

CLPNBC manages complaints through the Professional Conduct Review Process. Click on the following links for more information related to:

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How to Submit a Complaint

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