How to Submit a Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint against an LPN, you must do so in writing. Your letter must include:

  1. your name, address, and phone number or email
  2. the full name of the nurse who is the subject of the complaint, and CLPNBC registration number (if known)
  3. the location where the practice concern(s) occurred, (e.g., in your home, at the hospital, or in a facility)

Please fill in the complaint form or submit your complaint to one of the following:

fax 778.373.3102
Suite 260 - 3480 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 4Y1

NOTE: The information you submit, and any relevant materials collected during an investigation may also be disclosed to the nurse in the course of the investigation or if a Discipline Committee hearing takes place.

To investigate your concerns, we need specific details. If possible, please include:

  1. date(s) and time(s) of incident(s)
  2. a detailed description of the incident(s) that identifies your concerns
  3. a list of witnesses, and what you believe they witnessed
  4. how you attempted to address your concerns at the time with the LPN or the manager/hospital administrator

You will be asked to provide documents supporting your allegations (including excerpts from patient charts). Gathering this information ahead of time will expedite the investigation.

To assist you in submitting a complaint, use the complaint form.


Contact CLPNBC's Inquiry & Discipline team at

Health Program

If you have concerns about an LPN who may have:

  • a physical or mental health condition,
  • an emotional disturbance, or
  • a substance use disorder
please refer to the Health Program page before submitting a complaint.


Contact CLPNBC’s Fitness to Practice Advisor at