Registration & Renewal

LPNs working in BC must be registered with CLPNBC. Once registered, LPNs must renew their registration every year to continue practising as an LPN in BC.

CLPNBC establishes registration requirements and assesses applicants to make sure that all applicants have the:

  • required competencies/continuing competence,
  • fitness to practise, and 
  • good character.

When making this determination CLPNBC follows the Health Professions Act, the Criminal Records Review Act and the CLPNBC Bylaws

Registration categories: Practising, Limited, Non-practising, Interim and Temporary. 

What is...

RegistrationThe process of applying for registration status with CLPNBC.

Annual renewal: The process for current registrants to maintain registration with CLPNBC. 

Reinstatement: The process for former BC registrants to re-apply for practising registration. 

Conversion: The process for a non-practising BC registrant to return to practising registration. 


Search the Registry

Searching the registry allows you to determine whether or not an LPN is registered in BC.

Search the nurse verification registry here.

Message to Employers
A reminder that...

  • LPNs who have not renewed are not eligible to practise in and are not covered by your employer insurance

What can you do?

  • Go to CLPNBC's Public Registry to search by the LPN number or name
  • Verify your LPN staff hold current registration before their first shift each calendar year

Important: If you are aware of any LPN practising without a valid registration, please contact CLPNBC immediately.