Reinstatement is the process that former CLPNBC registrants follow when they want to return to practise in BC. Conversion is the process for a registrant holding non-practising registration switching back to practising registration.

You must log in to your CLPNBC account to apply for either reinstatement or conversion. Select "Apply" to start your application.

An assessment may include a review of the following:

Your application will not proceed unless you have submitted all of the above information. The registration team will contact you if there are outstanding documents that CLPNBC needs to proceed with your application.  

If your application is still incomplete after 6 months, CLPNBC will destroy your file. This means you will have to start the process again and pay additional fees.

This assessment will determine whether you meet the requirements for reinstatement. The requirements for reinstatement include that you:

  • were in compliance with all Quality Assurance Program requirements at the time you last held practising registration,
  • have maintained your knowledge, skills and abilities as a LPN, or
  • have successfully completed an exam or upgrading of your knowledge, skills or abilities
  • are of good character, 
  • are fit to practice, and
  • have paid any outstanding fines or fees.

If you last held practising registration within 90 days of submitting your reinstatement application, you are not required to submit a notarized statutory declaration or authorize a new criminal record check unless your 5-year recheck is due.

If your registration was cancelled or suspended following an Inquiry or Discipline Committee decision, you will be asked to provide additional evidence. Please contact the registration team for more information.

Reinstatement Fees

An applicant for reinstatement or conversion pays a reinstatement fee when an application is submitted. Reinstatement fees are non-refundable, so ensure you are ready to proceed before you pay. Once approved, your final step is to pay your practising registration fee.

Your registration fee may differ depending on when you complete your application. If you are returning to practise between November 1 and December 31, contact our registration team before starting your reinstatement/conversion application for other fee options.

There is only one reinstatement fee amount, regardless of how long it has been since you held practising registration. View the fees.

What if I have been away from practice for more than five years?

If you have been away from nursing for more than five years, you may either:

Contact the registration team for more details.


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